10 Brilliant Website Design Tips

Write your content with your target readers in mind.

Every piece of content you produce for your website is for your target readers and customers. Think of them while writing all of your content. Keep it succinct in style, and as much as possible, use laymen’s terms.

Consider usability.

If your web pages are not usable for your visitors, then most likely, they would abandon your website. User experience is something you should always focus on when creating a website. The only way to check if it’s user friendly is through testing. This can be done on your own, but a web design agency will achieve better results.

Make sure your website is compliant.

A good website must adhere to certain standards and guidelines. This ensures that all your pages are accessible and suitable even for those with disabilities.

Have a clear and strong brand message.

Your website is the representation of your brand and business. In order to succeed, you need to control that image properly. Each feature and element in your website must strongly communicate your brand message.

Provide a clear, concise navigation method.

Stick to a single main navigation menu. Is it consistent all throughout the website? Keep it uncluttered by not incorporating drop down menus. All website designers know this, so make sure to hire an experienced, hardworking one.

Make it intuitively easy to use.

If a website is difficult to browse, most likely, visitors would leave and move forward to a better page. To avoid this, make sure that all your navigation buttons are easily identifiable. Always adhere to those functionalities users have come to expect.

Be consistent.

Don’t let your users feel lost. Always maintain consistency around your website. Every element must match, from the typefaces and heading sizes to images and colors.

Keep it simple.

Your entire website must be easy to use and fast loading. Gone are the days of complex pages. How can you accomplish this? Well, simplicity is the key. With a single touch of a button, useful information must be available instantly.